A part of Fjärdhundraland

The real Swedish countryside

Anna, your host at Tallmyra AirBnb, is a board member of the Fjärdhundraland community. In Fjärdhundraland, you can really experience the best of the genuine Swedish countryside. The thriving community offers a number of things to see, do, eat and enjoy. The community consists of a great number of local entrepreneurs, living off and for what our generous landscape has to offer. You don't want to miss the opportunity to make a long and relaxing visit while you are here. 

Fjärdhundraland about themselves

"A genuine Swedish experience – the scenic and lively countryside called Fjärdhundraland. Here you’ll find locally produced food of great quality, some of the best Swedish fika you can get and wonderful experiences of nature and history.

Experience a holiday in rural Sweden, within an hour from Stockholm, the Capital of Sweden and the largest city in Scandinavia.

We can help you with a custom tour with genuine Swedish nature, culture and food within an hour from Stockholm – please contact us at info@fjardhundraland.se."